Club Records

Here are the top club catches.  Join the club, and try to get your name on this list!

Bottom FishScott Higley34 lbs.11/28/96
Sand BassGreg Johnson9 lbs. 13oz.09/11/2011
DoradoGreg Woods38 lbs. 7 oz.09/07/00
HalibutLeif Atkisson47.0 lbs04/13/2013
MarlinMike Gascon213 lbs.09/10/00
ThresherMike White493 lbs.05/09/12
TunaBette Jourdan216 lbs.08/09/88
White Sea BassBenny Ford60.1 lbs.05/15/12
YellowtailTom Coppa43.1 lbs.08/05/02